время; период (времени), (временной) интервал; продолжительность; момент (времени)/ измерять [определять] время; рассчитывать по времени; согласовывать во времени; хронометрировать
time between failures
time in turbulence
time on the wing
time spent maneuvering
time to accelerate
time to altitude
time to climb
time to double
time to double amplitude
time to fly
time to go
time to half
time to half amplitude
time to kill
time to land
time to recover
time to wingborne flight
acceleration time
airborne time
aircraft turn time
airframe time
arrival time
available time
bloom time
boarding time
check time
chop deceleration time
climb time
computing time
conflict-free landing time
control-law time
cooling time
cooling-down time
crater-filling time
decay time
delay time
departure time
deplaning time
design time
dimensionless time
down time
dwell time
elapsed maintenance time
engagement time
escape time
evacuation time
exposure time
final time
firing time
fleet flying time
flight time
flying time
full time
glideslope time
gliding time
gun time
gun-firing time
head-down time
head-out time
ice exposure time
icing time
initial time
inspection time
interarrival time
landing time
maintenance time
maintenance time per sortie
maintenance turn time
maintenance turnaround time
maneuver time
mean time between maintenance
mean time between removal
mean time between shop visits
mean time to repair
mean flight time between failures
mean logistic delay time
minimum separation time
mission time
mission cycle time
multiengined time
on-station time
overhaul time
pilot down time
power-on time
preview time
ramp time
range time
re-arm time
ready time
refresh frame time
repair time
response time
runway occupancy time
sampling time
separation time
settling time
setup time
simulator time
simulator flight time
single-engined flying time
spool-up time
switching time
terminal time
touchdown time
travel time point-to-point
turnaround time
up time
visual free time
waiting time
warning time

Авиасловарь. . 2004.

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